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Platform 3, The Parade, Claygate, Surrey, KT10 0PB - Brightwater Brewery & Platform 3 Pub Official Site 2020

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Welcome to Platform 3 Brightwater Brewery's Micro Pub in Claygate Surrey


Alex & Sue are working hard to deliver our Brightwater Brewery cask & bottled ales to your doorstep within Claygate & the surrounding area.

Platform 3 is currently closed due to the Corvid 19 pandemic but we look forward to welcoming you back to Platform 3 hopefully later in 2020. In the meantime keep well, stay safe & follow us on twitter or facebook for our latest news.

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BONUS DAYS are days/times that we open in addition to our normal opening hours. BONUS DAYS/times are tweeted out to our followers @SmallestPubinUK

Parking for your visit to Platform 3
Train: Waterloo & Guildford train stop right outside for those travelling by train.
Station car park: For those visiting by car
(Charges may apply)
Bicycle rack: For those visiting by bicycle
Disabled parking: There are 2 spaces right outside Platform 3.

This Weeks Beers
Half pint to drink in £2.25
Pint to drink in £4.50
2 pint carry out to consume off site £7.00
4 pint carry out to consume off site £14.00
+ £2.00 for stone effect flagon
(Flagon resusable if you wash out & have refilled on your next visit.)
£24.00 for 5 litre mini pin to carry out
36 pint and 72 pint casks available to order

Brightwater Brewery Platform 3
Gift Collection

1 pint glass with logo £3.50

Tote Bag £6.00
  • Red with white print
  • Red with silver print
On sale at Brightwater Brewery Platform 3 Claygate.
T Shirt £12.00 Baseball Caps £12.00/£15.00
  • Brown cotton baseball cap with white embroidered logo
  • Navy cotton baseball cap with white embroidered logo
  • Stone cotton baseball cap with embroidered logo
  • Turquoise cotton baseball cap with embroidered logo
On sale at Brightwater Brewery Platform 3 Claygate.
Visitors enjoying the Morris Dancing at Platform 3
Enjoying a drink at Platform 3
Claygate Micro Pub Platform 3
Guest Ales Recently Served at Platform 3

Our own range of 7 Brightwater Brewery Real Ales are served on rotation direct from the cask to drink in or take home. Most weeks we have an excellent guest ale also available - as a minimum we always have two real ales on tap and often more. We regularly stock a wide range of at least 20 different Soft Drinks including Fentiman's, Breckland Orchard, Luscombe & Cawston Press Kids range. We stock at least 6 varieties of bottled cider, 2 types of Prosecco, 3 white wines, 2 rose and 3 red wines. We always have an excellent selection of at least 10 types of crisps plus 4 types of nuts and pork scratchings available.
BRIGHTWATER BREWERY REAL ALES To enjoy at Platform 3 Claygate

Daisy Gold 4% ABV
£2.25 half pint
£4.50 pint

A delicious golden ale.

Little Nipper 3.3% ABV
£2.25 half pint
£4.50 pint

'Lower on alcohol high on bite.'

Top Notch 3.6% ABV
£2.25 half pint
£4.50 pint

A delicious amber ale.

Wild Orchid 4% ABV
£2.25 half pint
£4.50 pint

Smooth & dark with a hint of Vanilla.

All Citra 4.3% ABV
£2.25 half pint
£4.50 pint

A zingy golden ale made from Citra hops.

Rose Lemonade 275ml Bottle £2.50
Made with pure Rose oil from the world famous Rose Valley in Kazanlak Bulgaria and the juice of real lemons. Delivers a beautifully refreshing drink with a unique aroma.

Chorizo 40g £1.00
Sue's favourites! A delicious & intensely flavoured crisp.
Dandelion & Burdock 275ml Bottle £2.50
Infusions of dandelion and burdock roots combined with natural flavours create the unmistakable taste and aroma of this definitive classic.
Spicy Tomato 40g £1.00
Spicy with a sweet but sharp bite.
Wild English Elderflower 275ml Bottle £2.50
A pale, verdant liquid. Sweet on the nose, with a light aroma and delicate floral flavours, delivering a clean, full-bodied taste.
Lye Cross Cheddar & Onion 40g £1.00
Lye Cross, at the foot of the picturesque Mendip Hills near the Somerset village of Cheddar, has been farmed by the Alvis family for 400 years. The farm's herd of more than 1,000 cows graze the lush pasturelands to produce the rich milk that goes to make the cheese. The Cheddar flavour goes into Pipers crisps.
Ginger Beer 275ml Bottle £2.50
A traditional brewed Ginger Beer with a complex taste. Made using the finest natural ginger root. Fiery and full of flavour.
Angelsey Sea Salt 40g £1.00
In January 2014 Anglesey sea salt was granted EU protected status, recognising the fact that it is produced in a particular region using expert techniques.

Cherry Cola 275ml Bottle £2.50
The world’s first botanically brewed cherry cola. Cola with a sweet taste of cherries.

Cider Vinegar & Seasalt 40g £1.00
It's the delicious cider vinegar that helps make these Pipers crisps taste so good.

Curiosity Cola 275ml Bottle £2.50
This curiously invigorating cola inspired by traditional colas from yesteryear is made using infusions of the finest herbal ingredients.

Sweet Chilli 40g £1.00
Cayenne and jalapeno chilli varieties in Pipers spice blend giving these crisps a slightly sweet taste with a very spicy kick.
Victorian Lemonade 275ml Bottle £2.50
With the juice of one and a half lemons in every bottle, for real refreshment this cloudy Victorian Lemonade takes some beating.
Black Pepper & Seasalt 40g £1.00
Tellicherry peppercorns are left on the vine for longer than normal and picked only just before they ripen so that they develop the distinctively deep, rich and robust flavour that you can taste in these crisps.

Diet Coke or Coke Bottle £2.50
Diet Coke or Coke in a glass bottle.

Lightly Salted 40g £1.00
Thick, full-flavoured slices of carefully selected potato are brought to life with just a sprinkling of sea salt - simple. Great tasting chips made with care.

Rhubarb & Apple 250ml Bottle/330ml Can £2.50
Rhubarb blended with sweet apples and sparkling water - deliciously tart.

Pork Scratchings 45g £1.00
Amber to golden brown coloured cooked pork snack food seasoned with a traditional powdered seasoning blend made from 4-6 mm Danish pork shank rinds sliced to 18mm, fried for 1.5 to 2 hours in pork fat only to a crisp texture.

Strawberry & Rhubarb
275ml Bottle £2.50
The flavours of Strawberry and Rhubarb are perfectly balanced – just enough of each and just a slight touch of vanilla to really bring out the taste.
Strong Cheese & Onion 50g £1.00
Strong cheese & onion flavour crisps.

0 Calorie Sparkling Elderflower 275ml Bottle £2.50
Wonderful floral notes dance around the mouth and really refresh a thirst with no added sugar and zero calories per serving its one treat you can enjoy without any guilt whatsoever.
Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar 50g £1.00
Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar flavour crisps.

Plum & Cherry 275ml Bottle £2.50
We love plums, we love cherries, and mixed together they really are quite divine!
Sue's favourite!

Ham & English Mustard 50g £1.00
Ham & English Mustard flavour crisps.

3.9% ABV Cider 500ml Bottle £4.50
A refreshing sparkling cider from Saxby's.
Jalapeno Pepper 50g £1.00
Jalapeno Pepper flavour crisps.

Blackcurrant Cider 3.7% 500ml Bottle £4.50
We love blackcurant's and apples. This delicious sparkling cider is the perfect combination and another of Sue's favourites!
Wasabi Mixed nuts, Chilli nuts, Dry Roasted Peanuts & Salted Peanuts Pot £1.50
Any of the above or a mixture of the above nuts served in a paper pot.

Rhubarb Cider 3.5% ABV 500ml Bottle £4.50
This delightfully sparkling Rhubarb cider is a delicious Spring & Summer favourite!
Green Olives with Anchovies £1.00
Small tin of green olives stuffed with anchovies.
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